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I’ve been out in Michigan visiting my grandmother; it’s one of the things I wanted to do before I took off for a year.  As a result, my posting has been nil.  I’m around for the next couple of days, so expect more stunning Tajik photos soon.  In the meantime, let me try to describe my Michigan trip with links and terse statements:

  1. Vernor’s – not as good as I remembered, very carbonated
  2. The Ramada Saginaw – free continental breakfast and dinner
  3. Nissan Versa coupe – you could do worse for a rental
  4. Whittemore, MI – not even a stop light
  5. Flint airport – shortest security screening line ever
  6. Mariner Market of Omer, MI – no words can describe the spectacularness of the jerky I got there
  7. Michigan State – still better than that other school in Ann Arbor
  8. Michigan’s economy and state of mind – Michigan is hurting

More soon . . .

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