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Be afraid, be very afraid

Okay, maybe tasty is too strong.  And maybe “cognac” is inaccurate.  But, I can vouch for the alcoholic nature of this beverage.  Hopefully, assuming it does not explode mid-flight, which would be unfortunate for a whole host of reasons, soon my friends at home in Boston will be sampling this very bottle of Tajik intoxicating nectar.

That’s right, I’m off to the U.S. for vacation and for the American national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday.  I promise to take pictures, and may also, perhaps, blog while home.

If any Dushanbe pals want anything from Sam’s Club, just let me know, I’m happy to be a beast of burden and bring things back with me.  I plan to bring back some vino and I know O.G. will want some cigars; otherwise, drop me a line.


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