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I get a daily update of Tajik news in my e-mail that is published by ASIA-Plus.  It appears to me that ASIA-Plus is the only Dushanbe-based news service that regularly publishes in English, so this is as good as it gets.  And unfortunately, the daily news briefing from ASIA-Plus isn’t exactly world-beating muckraking.  It’s more like demure press release repeating.  Here’s a typical entry from their e-mail of today:


DUSHANBE, April 30, 2009, Asia-Plus /Nargis Hamroboyeva/ — Saydmurod Qodirov, who had previously served as the first deputy prosecutor of the Khatlon province, was appointed the Dushanbe prosecutor, replacing Qurbonali Muhabbatov, according to the Dushanbe prosecutor’s office.

Muhabbatov who had served as the Dushanbe prosecutor since 2007 is currently at disposal of the personnel department within the prosecutor-general’s office, the source said.

Cryptic and not exactly hard hitting, no?  I feel there’s a story there just waiting for a journalist.

Today’s e-mail had something of interest to Americans, however.  “Montana University,” which my sleuthing (aka Google) determined to be University of Montana at Missoula, recently opened a “Tajik Corner” in its student union.  A bit more online digging led to my discovery of UMT’s Central and Southwest Asia Program, which is one of a precious few of its kind in the U.S.  The University of Montana Press even published a new book just about Tajikistan.

There must be some professors at Montana who have an interest or expertise in the area, because otherwise, I can’t really see the connection.  I must admit that this view of the UMT campus does look a bit like it could be in Tajikistan (if there were neo-Gothic buildings anywhere in Tajikistan):

View of the University of Montana

View of the University of Montana


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