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I have definitely been pushing the idea that people should come visit me in Dushanbe over the couse of the next year.  This request has been met with a variety of negative responses:

  1. That’s really far away.
  2. It’s too expensive to get there.
  3. I’d rather go to Paris, the Caribbean, Hawaii, anywhere else before I go out there.
  4. Who are you?

Luckily, some of my friends and family have a sense of adventure, or they are adept at humoring me, and they want to come visit me in Tajikistan.  As this is something I really want to happen, I have created a “Trip Idea” on Kayak.com that will help people track fares to Dushanbe and, more helpfully, the major gateways to the “Roof of the World.”  The link is:

My Kayak Trip Idea "Get to TJ"

My Kayak Trip Idea "Get to TJ"

So, no excuses, get on it!

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