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My Memorial Day in New York City has been lovely.  It’s been fantastic to catch up with my friends down here and spend some time outside — mostly in Prospect Park and the Green-wood Cemetery.  At the latter, the highlight was seeing Boss Tweed’s tomb, but the moving part was to see all of the stones of the Civil War soldiers, which seemed appropriate on Mem Day.

Aside from seeing my friends, a big reason for the trip was to deliver my shipping boxes to the freight forwarder at JFK airport.  Unfortunately, although I had been speaking with the folks at the forwarding company for weeks, I hadn’t sent them paperwork until last Friday.  Because it is Memorial Day weekend, however, nothing could be processed until Tuesday, which was a problem as I had brought my shipping boxes weighing 225 lbs. to New York with me and I needed to drop them off on Monday.  Well, after calling around, it became clear that even though the passenger side of the airport was fully functional on a holiday, the cargo people were all at barbecues and that the cargo facilities were all closed.

Luckily, in calling around frantically to figure out my shipping options, I called Simple Freight Solutions, which is an outfit on Long Island.  SFS’s owner, Patrick, was a no nonsense type who could get the job done at half the price and, better yet, I could drop my boxes at Logan.  Sure, I felt a bit dumb for dragging my stuff down to New York unnecessarily, but there’s no reason to compound the error by leaving the boxes in NYC and trying to arrange something from afar.

I’m off to Florida tomorrow, but I’m hopeful I can get this all worked out.  Fingers crossed.

Simple Freight Solutions

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In vino veritas

Today I pick out the bottles that go in the case of wine that I’m bringing with me to Tajikistan.  Thank you extra shipping reimbursement allowance!  I just hope the duty isn’t too bad and that I don’t have any problems getting it out of customs.

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