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A small rant

If someone agrees to drive people back and forth on a camping trip, and they’ve already taken you over 200 km each way, is it so much to ask for them to drop you off at home once you get back to the city?  Or is it better and more appropriate to drop you at the intersection more convenient for driver and make you take all you shit on your back and walk over 2 km home?  Those are rhetorical questions.

It’d be nice if, once and awhile, embassy folks could remember that not all of us are so lucky to have our cars shipped from home for free on the taxpayer’s dime, and be generous with their good fortune and the use of their autos.  And, by the way, this isn’t directed at anyone at my embassy, as they’ve usually great about this.  (Thanks, G— for the ride home early Saturday morning!)

It’s a little thing, but after two hot, sweaty days in the woods, the last thing anyone wants to do is hike home for 25 minutes with two backpacks, a sleeping bag, and a tent when it’d be a drive of three extra minutes and two additional left turns for the driver.  So, that’s why I’m pissed off.


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