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Although this is not what Dionne Warwick had in mind, I don’t think.  Tajik kids are weirdly photogenic, especially when they refuse to smile.  Allow me to present some of the children of Gharm as seen during my trip up there for buzkashi.  If I was even more pretentious than usual, I’d call this “A Photoessay of Gharmese Youth”.

Such a look of consternation from such a young child

Sporting the style of the typical Tajik male

Kids at buzkashi, learning and growing

Wishing they could join us on the flatbed trucks to watch the match

There's a smile! An impish one at that.

Holding hands, holding their breath

Okay, so this is A.Banana and not a Tajik child (with Bakhtiyor our driver in the background), but we'll throw it in anyway.


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