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  • сафар [safar] n. travel

As in, I’ve been on a bit of a сафар binge of late, first going to Istanbul and then heading off to Moscow on Thursday.  I took over 300 photos in the former Constantinople née Byzantium, and sadly, I’ve only posted 17 of them as of yet.  But the trip was terrific and I do plan to blog a bit about it.  Maybe that’ll happen this week before I go to Russia, but I’m not full of hope on that front.

In the meantime, one of my favorite pictures from the Istanbul trip is below.

A view of the Blue Mosque from an upstairs window of Hagia Sophia

A view of the Blue Mosque from an upstairs window of Hagia Sophia

I had to stand on my tip-toes to see through the window, and after I saw the view, I raised my arm and took the best shot I could.  When I looked on my camera’s viewfinder, the photo was terrible.  Luckily, with the magic of digital photography, that one got deleted and after several more tries, I captured the Blue Mosque in the distance as seen through the exterior domes surrounding the Hagia Sophia.


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  • парвоз [parvoz] n. flight

As in, I am taking a парвоз to Istanbul on Thursday.

I hope to do a blog post or two in addition to this one before I leave, and then hopefully, I’ll give you guys something from the Golden Horn too.  But in the likely event that I am enjoying myself sightseeing, or in a hammam, or buying carpets, or something, I’ll post pix when I get back to the Dush next week.

And yes, this is a vacation.

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