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…and I’m back in Istanbul airport waiting for my Turkish Airlines connection to Dushanbe.  Sounds like déjà vu, feels like déjà vu, must be déjà vu, right?

Anyway, I spent 14 months in Africa, and you got, like, three posts.  One of which was an apology for not posting.  Poor.  I do have some more in the hopper, I promise, and hopefully, my flights back-and-forth to Europe next week will give me time to pound out some more posts on Zimbabwe and my Southern African experience generally.

In the meantime, here’s the brief version of what’s the what:

  • Moving back to Tajikistan for work;
  • Hopefully will be there a while;
  • Had precious little paid work in Zimbabwe;
  • Got married in December;
  • And again in June (to the same wonderful woman, for legal reasons); and
  • Expecting a baby in January.

So, it’s been an eventful 14 months that I’ve been essentially silent on this blog.  I’m going to see that the eventful next months aren’t so quiet here.

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. . . has involved taking three depos, a bankruptcy court hearing, a clerk magistrate’s hearing at the BMC, numerous meetings, and skipping lunch today.  I would say that “a good time was had by all,” but I don’t like to lie.

T minus 51 hours and counting.

In more exciting, TJ-related news, my ticket to Dushanbe was purchased to today.  Twenty-five hours of travel time from Boston to Dushanbe with layovers in Frankfurt and Istanbul.  I may have just enough time on my first layover to pop into the center of Frankfurt and quaff some of the city’s lovely apfelwein, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get into Istanbul as the time between planes is only about 4 hours.  That’s all right though, I’ll probably be pretty tired by that point.

Actually, I’m pretty tired now and I think I’m going to stop blogging and go home.

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