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Not the eggs benedict I had

Not the eggs benedict I had

As in, I had a terrific eggs benedict for breakfast at LGD this morning.  A little light on the bacon (it is a Muslim country, I suppose), but otherwise it was just great.  The benny was also a bit pricey at 27 somoni (approximately $6.08), but it was worth every diram.

Now, if the copy of the Guardian they had there hadn’t been from early July, that would’ve really been something.

Word on the street, however, is that the Hyatt’s Sunday brunch blows away the one at the Dame and that it is a major see-and-be-seen event, especially for Americans here.  I had dinner at the Hyatt last week, and it was like stepping back into the First World.  Attentive service, fluent English, clean bathrooms, and lovely food (salmon! brie! pasta salad without mayo!).  Of course, at 135 somoni for the brunch, the Hyatt makes my eggs benedict look cheap.

Thanks to the Taste Tests blog for the excellent photo of eggs benedict from The Cottage restaurant in La Jolla, CA.


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