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So the transition back to Tajikistan has been strangely easy, what with the great friends who are still in town and that work is busy and interesting. Plus, I know my wife is on her way soon.

But looking at houses has been pretty intense. I’ve seen 20+ places in three days, and I’m getting a bit burnt out. Bedrooms who’s only window faces a hallway? Always a bad idea, self-evidently so, one would think. But I’ve seen it in almost every house here. And some of the wallpaper is beyond garish. That’s just the cute bad stuff too; it leaves out the very questionable wiring and weirdly nosy landlords living next door.

I think I found a cool place, nevertheless. Hopefully they’ll come down off their excessive price (which would be sadly reasonable in Harare). Pix of that place soon … if we get it.

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While I’ve been slacking in the blogging department, my soon-to-be-flatmate (which I can say because he’s English) S____ has been a blog-posting dynamo.  Latest in his descriptive and tinged with questionable limey wit posts is the tale of our new abode in Dushanbe.

The new place -- across the street from the Health Ministry!

The new place -- across the street from the Health Ministry!

As you’ll see in S____’s post that’s linked above, he and his girlfriend C___ took the brunt of the house hunting, while I globetrotted and only deigned to visit places that they felt were up to snuff.  After looking at almost two dozen houses, and blowing through several “realtors” (the scare quotes are intentional, because there aren’t organized, official, competent rental agencies in Tajikistan), we found the above little gem.

Although smaller and narrower than many places we looked at, and though it reminds me a bit of a shotgun house, the lay out is much more conducive for flatmates as there is actually a hallway and you don’t have to travel through each room to get to the next.  Further, the front room, which will shortly become my bedroom, is nice and big and has A/C.  The house has great little yards front and back, and unlike so many Dushanbe compounds, has a post fence that lets you look onto the street and get to know your neighbors.  Finally, we have a sauna, and, as the owner stressed to us, it has three different heat sources — so that when the electric and gas go out, we have a wood-fired backup.

Once I move in, which will be in the first week of October, I’ll post some video.

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