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Delicious and not quite nutritious

Time: 1:35 p.m.  Place: Dushanbe city, Shah Mansour district.  Cost: 6 somoni (approximately $1.45).

There’s something special about a Tajik-style hot dog.  It isn’t the dog itself, which is a garden variety turkey dog that’s been steamed.  And while the bun is okay, and certainly better than many American buns (though not reaching the heights of awesomeness of a New England-style hot dog bun), it’s nothing to write home (or on a blog) about.  Rather, it is the sauce, or I should say, the sauces — for a Tajik dog invariably is topped with both a weirdly spicy ketchup and a weirdly watery mayonnaise — and the shredded carrots that make it something different and cool.  Okay, cool may be too strong, but it definitely different and it is pretty tasty too.

That my Tajik-style hot dog was accompanied by an RC cola and some bizarre chicken-flavored salty, crispy snack, just brings the meal up a notch.  Add to this that the total cost was significantly under two dollars, and you can see why this meal just may be one of the things I miss the most about Tajikistan when I leave.  This and the mountains and the expats and the tree-lined streets and the odd happenstances.  But the Tajik dog is up there.

* * *

An apology: my posting here has been dilatory.  Expect it to improve.  In case you were wondering, things in TJ are great and November was a terrific month for me, so nothing bad was keeping me from this blog.  Just being busy and being lazy in roughly equal measure.


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