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Ever since I entered South Junior High in 1986, my school teams have always worn Red, and it was a big sports week for the Red teams.

Hingham High boys ice hockey won the Eastern Mass Super 8 tournament, and thereby essentially the Massachusetts state title, beating Catholic Memorial 1-0.  I watched HHS beat St. John’s Shrewsbury for the DII crown my senior year at the old Garden, but a victory in the Super 8 against the best other seven high school teams is even more than that.  It means going up against the private schools, the religious high school behemoths like CM and Archies, and the prep squads too.  It’s the big time, as much a schoolboy hockey can be big time, and it’s a heck of an achievement for a bunch of young guys from 02043.

Meanwhile, the Big Red, the jump shooters from Cornell continued their Cinderella run in March Madness beating the University of Wisconsin 87-69 to advance to the Sweet Sixteen of the Big Dance, the NCAA Tournament.  I saw the Red get licked in Anaheim two years ago by the Lopez brothers and a much stronger Stanford team.  Although this club has some of the same players, they are now seniors and seasoned and making their run.  Now if I can just find a way to watch the game against Kentucky on Thursday, I’d be stoked, though listening to it on ‘VBR isn’t half bad.

A great, great week for my teams, and even though I missed much of it — sumalak and Navruz vacation got in the way — I can’t wait for their next act.


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