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I’m on my way and the first leg to London was easy with the lone issue being some minor security irritations at Logan.  The American Airlines 767 was pretty empty and I was able to spread out onto three seats to sleep for the entire flight.

Now at the lounge of Terminal 3 at Heathrow, checking e-mail and updating the blog, natch.  I’m paying 2.99 GBP for 30 minutes of web access, so I hope you all enjoy the post!

Off to Istanbul shortly . . .

[UPDATED] Listening to the dulcet sounds of what could be a Turkish version of merengue, sipping an Efes, and watching the Russian prostitutes promenade through Duty Free at Istanbul’s airport — this is living!  Oh, and free internet.  My flight to Dushanbe isn’t for a few more hours, so now I actually have a bit of time to learn how to say a couple things in Tajik.  I’m going to focus on “hello,” “thank you,” and “toilet” for now, which should be enough for me to get around for a few days.

Once I get my bearings, I plan to post a few pix from my moving extravaganza.  I feel like I was packing forever and every time I figured I had just about cleaned out everything, I’d turn a corner or open a door, and there’d be more shit to pack or chuck.  In the end, when time had run out, I unwittingly left some nice housewarming presents for my tenants in the form of leftovers in the fridge and several gratis pieces of furniture.  Oh well.


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